Free Plugin provided here is intended to remove DRM from audio and video on PC

If you've bought music or movies on iTunes or other sites, it may be protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). For example, you can only play purchased songs in the program (for ex in iTunes) you used to buy them. And technically cannot play them on your car audio player for ex. But what if you want to copy it to an unsupported MP3 player or copy it to your another computers? These are legal activities, because you don't distribute music to others and it is not a violation of copyright, but the music companies impose their terms on you. Here's how to break these locks.
Music companies wants you to be limited and purchase same song and same DVD over and over again!

Free DRM processor and DVD decryptor Plugin for Windows

Free DRM processor Plugin is a little software component that adds specific abilities to some compatibale software applications. These abiblities allow you to remove DRM protection from your audio and video.

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Size: 700.5 Kb, version
Please respect owners rights and do not redistribute copyrighted conetent and never sell it!

Once you install (or simple place the DLL into your windows folder) most of audio processing modules will be able to "understand" drm encrypted content as well as regular music format. Same applies for DVD with some of the protections.